Sunday School


 My name is Jimmy Wood and I have been the Sunday School Superintendant since taking over the position from Frank Forsythe in September of 2010.  Frank, who decided to retire after eight years of service in this position, did an excellent job and it is my prayer that I can serve the church as faithfully and effectively as he did.

 My wife Shelli, our daughter Raegan, who is four years old, and myself, joined Shady Spring First Baptist Church in 2008.  Shelli and I had prayed for a church with a strong emphasis on children’s programs.  As Christian parents, our primary goal is to raise our daughter in a church that teaches the Bible and has a genuine concern for the spiritual growth of our children.  From the Sunday school teachers, to the “Children’s Moment”, to Wednesday night children’s church, we felt that Shady Spring FBC had many areas for our daughter to learn about the Bible and develop an understanding of Christ’s saving grace.

 In addition to my position as Sunday School Superintendant, Shelli and I are also part of the team that leads the church’s youth group.  Shelli is also an assistant Sunday school teacher for the Beginners class, which are the two and three year old children. 

 As Sunday School Superintendant, I am confident that we have a Sunday school class to fit anyone’s needs.  We start with an early childhood development/nursery, and go all the way up to several adult classes.  If you are searching for a new church, or perhaps have been attending church services and would like to start attending Sunday school, I would encourage you to try one of our classes.  I am sure you will receive a warm welcome and my prayer is that you will be in attendance regularly.  In my opinion, one of the biggest benefits of Sunday school is that it allows you to get to know fellow Christians in a more personal setting than the Sunday morning worship service.  The classes are more casual and the smaller groups usually encourage active participation.  This will allow you to develop friendships that you may miss out on by just attending a worship service, as well as opening another door of opportunity for the Holy Spirit to impart knowledge and instruction. 

 Listed below are our current Sunday school classes and the respective teachers.  If you have any questions about anything I have mentioned I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.  Feel free to call me anytime at 304-673-1168. 

 I hope to see you this Sunday.