Preschool & Kindergarten Class

Janette Whittaker, Donna Cullop

Age Range:
2 yrs – Kindergarten

About Our Class: We believe no child is too young to learn about God, the Bible, and salvation. Our goal is to teach the children Bible basics, build a strong Christian foundation, and an understanding of Salvation.

Current Study Material: The children are taught God’s love from Bible stories in both the New and Old Testament.  The class also uses the Regular Baptist Press literature and the King James Bible. These materials use all five senses to reach the children and reinforce the lesson being taught. We use hands on activities, memory verses, and songs. At home story cards are sent home to encourage family involvement. 

Invitation: The Bible is very clear on how we are to care for our children and how we are to “train [them] up in the way [they] should go”(Proverbs 22:6).  This class is dedicated to doing just that.  For our children truly are our next generation, they are our future.  We would encourage you to come to Sunday school class and bring your children with you. We are anxious to teach them about God and His Word.